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Frequently Asked Questions

What can we accomplish in a month?

We can create brand spanking new visual identity to go along with your kickass brand. We can create all sorts of visual assets that may be used on your website, print or social media. The usual small things like business cards and pitch decks we can definitely do and we may be able to deliver a small to medium sized website, for a premium.

For content, we offer short animated videos and ads that you can use for Instagram, Snapchat or any media.

In terms of research, analytics and data, we can build you a small automation solution, basic analysis and set up for your system. We have created several quick solutions for local businesses to smooth out their workflows in under a month.

What can we accomplish in 3 months?

We can do a complete branding or rebranding of your organization. You will get everything you need to go on conducting your business with a fresh face and a plucky attitude.

We can complete medium sized websites and some small web apps. Within the website category, there are many options available. We can do anything from a simple few pages for a new line of product to a medium sized 3D website for your company. We enter our high end websites to design competitions, which gets instant SEO boost as well!

In terms of apps, we can do very small mobile/tablet apps.

One of the more exciting products we can do in 3 months is a commercial. We offer a slick 3D commercial you can use on social media and traditional media. If you want to have complicated shots and have impossibly difficult product videography needs, this may be just what you need.

If you need just backend and database design, a relatively big one can also be designed and implemented in 3 months.

For data and analytics, we can build you a custom recommendation engine for your e-commerce. Or build you automation that might save thousands of hours for your business.

What can we accomplish in 6 months?

In 6 months, we can complete a small to medium sized platform that may include 2 mobile apps, full social media and analytics backend, multiple databases, 3 to 4 web apps and a landing page website. Oh and also design and brand for everything.

For a large scale enterprise system. We can design and implement the backend in 6 months as well.

Small to medium sized mobile game.

What can we accomplish in a year?

In a year, we can have a pretty large scale enterprise system. That might have several connecting parties, each with different tiers of user access levels. Full booking and scheduling system. Two sided platform. Routing system. Most types of API services. One single SDK for a major software platform. Augmented reality app. Medium sized mobile game. The possibilities are truly endless.

It's our belief that in one year we can make any start up's dream platform not only possible but functioning and unstoppable.

What kind of web products do you offer?

There are many types of web products. Here's our nomenclature. Website & Web Apps.

The distinction is that websites or landing pages are what most people see when they google a company. It may serve an informational and promotional purpose, therefore these projects end up being largely design heavy. There are several tiers that we offer, simple, beautiful and 'Plaid'. Simple can range from 5 to 10k, beautiful ranging from 10 to 20k and 'Plaid' from 20k to 40k.

The other major category is Web Apps. Anything that is logic heavy and is not a landing page, is a web app. This may include social media, online shops, dashboards, anything with maps, different online tools & calculators. They're all web apps! As these are more functional, they require more user experience design and business logic handling.

What kind of mobile products do you offer?

Mobile can be categorized many ways. But the main way seems to be Android and iOS, which are called native platforms. There are also non-native platforms like Flutter and React Native. Another way to sort them would be to say mobile, tablet and universal. Universal meaning the same app works for both mobile and tablet.

There is a trend in consumer electronics where most people get everything done between their tablet and smartphone. Apple has recently also created easy ways to convert tablet and universal iOS apps into desktop apps.

The last but not least, there are mobile games. Which take a little bit longer but are insanely profitable if done right.

What kind of design services do you offer?

We offer branding and rebranding, which entails a complete overhaul of your existing visual identity to make it better and more functional.

Your visual identity includes such things as your brand's logo, wordmark, naming and slogan, colors, fonts and combinations to use together.

When it comes to product design, we offer a unlimited revisions until we get it right for your users. At the end of this process you will have a fully interactive design prototype you can use to test your idea and usability with stakeholders. We can even create amazing solutions for when you have to present these to multiple viewers.

We also offer all sorts of content services, these include creating print design, infographics, product labels, business cards and illustrations for social media.

What kind of 3D services do you offer?

We offer 7, 15, 30 second as well as 1 minute and 2 minute commercials for your organization or product. The shorter ones being used more for social media ads and the longer ones being used for any media.

We also offer 3D websites that are interactive so that your users can explore your product from every angle and finally understand your vision.

We offer other things like Augmented Reality apps and 3D games for mobile.

As well as standalone 3D modelling services.

What kind of data & analytics services do you offer?

We use a lot of tools to help you get the most out of your data. There's a lot that can be done with data these days. Here are some use cases.

Using computer vision to detect NSFW images in an automated way so that your platform can stay clean. We set up systems so that all images on your social media get scanned and tagged safe or not safe, and automatically delete or blur those images.

Using language processing to detect specific data from a large and unorganized data set. For examples, from a user's review we extract emotional words and derive the general sentiment so that we can send automated responses to users' emotional state.

We tend to like problems where there is user data and the client is looking to increase a certain behavior. For example, an ecommerce store might be looking to increase sales or a social media app might be looking to increase engagement. These type of solutions are generally called recommendation engines and are very powerful.

What kind of consulting do you do?

Product design is a complicated task with many moving parts. We will help you navigate this field so that you avoid all the mistakes and maximize your chances of succeeding. The motivation for doing this step correctly is the fact that product development is costly, it's not just money, but incredible amount of time and energy is spent on it, which is why we stress that this step be done thoroughly.

We help business owners understand what's possible and plausible in today's tech landscape, how technology can be fitted into their current workflow and systems. The savings you get from removing repetitive tasks and removing errors is incredible.

We help you with creating your product's concept. Finding who your target market is and then understand them better than your competitors.

Imagine bouncing your ideas off of experienced designers, developers and analysts and getting the answers right away.

After a few meetings and research, we help you with everything you might need from pitch decks to product prototypes.

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