Our Portfolio.

We've had the pleasure of working with some amazing businesses and we can't wait to show them off.


The Studio that does it all!

As a product development agency, we love building full digital platforms for companies. As a creative studio, we love creating relatable brands with memorable and fun content. Putting these together into an experience for you and your users is our specialty and we think we can do it better than anyone.


Hilse is a digital receptionist platform designed specifically for coworking spaces. Hilse has easy to use and integrated features that will leave a great impression on your visitors. Whether you’re expecting a client or an amazon package, Hilse, your handy receptionist will alert you instantly.


DeReader is a simple but powerful asset management platform that lets users keep track of everything from pipelines to their household purchases. Users are enjoying the added simplicity and reliability added to their life with DeReader.


A Student Loan Repayment Plan (SLRP) is a powerful benefit, attractive to recruits and employees alike. SLRPs are a simple, cost-effective way to up your recruitment game while increasing employee loyalty. Yr Plans Inc is improving the lives of students around Canada with their innovative service.


TeamPics is revolutionizing the field of sports photography by injecting custom technology into all their workflows. Photographers can manage their events and customers can purchase their pictures. TeamPics is an all-in-one system that was optimized to save time for the customers and photographers.

Tyler Hawryluk

Tyler Hawryluk Architecture Design (THAD) is an architectural design studio that specialises in designing high-end residential homes. Tyler mixes architectural styles to make eye-popping features that leave visitors of his show homes in awe. Visit his website to see his amazing showcase of homes.


Neuwly is the best place to discover the world around us, connect with like-minded adventurers and experience the augmented world in a new way. Neuwly combines real world attractions with the magic of Augmented Reality (AR). Coming in September 2019!

Lattice Studios

We love making our own stuff as well as working on our clients projects. We constantly update our website's case study with progress from our side projects.