About Us.

We founded Lattice Studios with the intention of building a series of next generation internet platforms. To prove that we can do it again and again. While building the track record and capital to do it for ourselves.


Nia LaGrandeur

Graphic Designer

Creativity is nothing but the way to solve new problems.

Jake Batsuuri

Lead Developer + Designer

Let us walk you from an MVP to a fully fledged product.

Ali Elias

Lead Backend Developer

LinkedIn - Lattice Studios

The more I like a product the less sleep I get.


Creativity. Focus. Fun. Passion

It takes long hours and lots of hard work to build beautiful products. The only way to sustain a high level of work through the long hours is through passion. We look for passionate individuals that can maintain their focus no matter how tough it gets. Whether it’s a difficult problem or some tricky debugging, they’ll figure it out. Carefully cultivated passion nurtures creativity and allows us to deliver our best work. Our workplace and schedule is designed to have a mix of sprints and breaks. Everyone gets time to focus and time to have fun.

Design. Business. Technology

If creativity, passion, focus and fun is what it takes to keep a creative team going, then business, technology and design is what it takes to build a great product. It takes a special blend of design and tech skills and, a great deal of business knowledge to build a well oiled machine that produces useful results at scale. Technology is changing at a remarkable rate and it’s our job to keep up. We use the latest frameworks, languages and technologies for all our products.

Test Driven Development. High Quality Code

Maintenance of software becomes an afterthought for many first time software owners. Businesses spend a lot of time, money and effort into things that could have been avoided in the first place. We try to do it right the first time and maintain a high quality of code through rigorous testing. This is hands down the best way to reduce maintenance costs and avoid mistakes that cost businesses so much every year. High quality code can mean a few things and there are different layers of code to consider. Software is built on already existing software which is also known as a “stack”. Developers spend a long time figuring out the right stack for their products. We tend to like the stable stacks. Stable stacks are reliable layers of technology that will stand the test of time and technology updates. Stable stacks work well together because they are used by thousands of companies and tested by millions of users. The next layer is the system or the product itself. When we design apps and databases some of the things we consider are: how fast can users get their images and videos, how much are the server costs, how much revenue does the product generate and how can we optimize the product for maximum revenue. Even at the feature level, code that is architectured to be efficient and performant is something that makes all of our developers smile with pride. For due diligence, all of our code is double checked to make sure that data is handled properly without compromising security.

Communication. Creative Direction & Execution

Everyday, there are several occasions when a designer and a developer might discuss the details of a certain feature, send back and forth files until they get it right. Constant and responsive communication is key to making beautiful products. Communication is also important for maintaining attention to detail. An efficient feedback loop makes both the developer and the designer more in tune with each other. They perform better in the long run and most importantly produce their best work. When you have a cohesive team full of specialized skill sets, the best thing you’re getting is not their skills. It’s the integration of their skills. Five separate apps aren’t cool, they’re just apps, five apps that work together flawlessly to handle a complex process, now that's cool! We are a creative studio fully versed in creative written communication, graphic design, 2D and 3D design, video and animation. Whatever crazy idea you can imagine, we can make it happen. If you want an Augmented Reality shark attack, we can make it happen. If you want us to design and build you the most beautiful website in the world, we can make it happen.