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If you are looking to build a new app, start a digital business or redesign your website, then you are looking for a new product. This can be a big undertaking, and you want your product to be as good as possible. Well, look no further. From product and service ideation to maintenance of the live app, we take you through the whole process and teach you everything we know about our industry.

We embrace being nerds who are dedicated to our passion and craft. Our drive to create ground breaking work and award winning designs fuels our day to day. We enjoy creating apps, websites, databases, digital designs, you name it. Here is a list of our evergrowing portfolio.

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The Smart Benefit ™

Website + Marketing + Design

A Student Loan Repayment Plan (SLRP) is a powerful benefit, attractive to recruits and employees alike. SLRPs are a simple, cost-effective way to up your recruitment game while increasing employee loyalty. Yr Plans Inc is improving the lives of students around Canada with their innovative service. The Smart Benefit ™ is a Student Loan Repayment Plan (SLRP) which is a powerful benefit that allows employers to repay their employee's student loans. The Smart Benefit ™ is an all-in-one platform makes paying off student debt more a breeze.


Mobile Application + Design + Website + Web App

DeReader is a simple but powerful asset management platform that lets users keep track of everything from pipelines to their household purchases. Users are enjoying the added simplicity and reliability added to their life with DeReader.


Website + Web App + Tablet App

TeamPics is revolutionizing the field of sports photography by injecting custom technology into all their workflows. Teampics captures every step of the process from taking pictures to sending customers their photos. Teampics has been finely tuned by professional photographers to meet all of their customer's needs.


Software Engineering + Digital Design

At the heart of Lattice Studios, it is all about design and experience. We know what keeps users on a platform and we understand the nuances that go into every feature. See how our experienced software developers and product designers produce magic out of thin air…


Design: User Experience. Graphic Design. Video. 2D and 3D animations. User Interface.

At the heart of Lattice Studios is design. Design’s function is to make things as simple as possible while still being useful. Another goal for us, as designers is to make our products intuitive and easy to use without lengthy tutorial or instruction. The last primary function, of course, is that it must look good. Color, composition and typography are there to catch a user’s attention and the content and functionality is what keeps the attention there.

"Beautiful illustrations, fitting typography, well thought out composition and layout, delightful and cute animations."

We pride ourselves in how much attention we pay to design. We can look at the big picture without missing the little details. Our secret sauce to creating a great design is iteration. Week after week, we keep generating new ideas, solving user problems and eliminating the unnecessary parts. We do everything from graphic design to animation and video. Beautiful illustrations, fitting typography, well thought out composition and layout, delightful and cute animations; whatever it takes to capture the attention of your prospective users.

Mobile Development: iOS and Android. 2D Games and 3D Games. Augmented Reality.

Can you name a person without a smartphone these days? From personal banking to watching movies. Everyone does everything on their phone now. Yet, there’s so many avenues and breakthroughs in business and technology that stilll hasn’t been done, many industries are still ripe for disruption. We develop native iOS and Android apps, as well as multi-platform apps like React Native and Flutter. We’ve helped a number of startups and small businesses get their foot through the door.

Some of the highest grossing apps on the app store are games. Games don’t seem like serious work or a profitable business but they are definitely worth considering if your goal is to make money. Mobile technology continues to be pushed by brilliant people all around the world. Technologies such as Augmented Reality and 3D for mobile are technically in their infancy but they are already so powerful. We love being a part of the tech culture and we can’t wait to see what comes next.


iOS Apps

Android Apps

React Native or Flutter

2D & 3D Games

Augmented Reality

Web Development: Landing Pages. 3D. Dashboards. Web Apps.

Dashboards and web apps are functional, complex and data driven applications. Your business might need to manage employees, customers and users in a highly custom manner that’s specifically designed for your business. Your social media might need to administrate users through reporting and blocking. Your ecommerce store might need to refund users. There are infinite amount of reasons for why you might need a web app.

What we call landing pages are the face of your business or product. It contains the beautifully designed homepage that everyone lands on. A typical user might find how your business works and all other pertinent information through your landing page. Websites with 3D content are popping up everywhere. Although they are a higher investment, the return on them is sensational. They will help you stand out and make a lasting impression on visitors.


Web App


Landing Page

3D Website

Backend Development: Microservices. Monolithic or Serverless Architectures. Security.

Design doesn’t stop at the visuals, we design the data as well. When we’re designing your database structure and planning how information is gonna flow through the backend to the frontend, the main thing we’re thinking about is optimization. Optimization means reducing costs and improving availability and speed of data. As a business you want to save as much money as possible. We try to structure the data so that only the relevant data is passed to reduce your costs.

On the other hand, we want to maximize the speed and availability of data. Depending on the type of data, we use a multitude of strategies to make sure the right packet of information gets to the right device at the right time. One thing we never compromise on is the security of user data. Which is why we use industry standard processes and products to encrypt and secure our own data as well as our users’ data.



AWS, Azure, MongoDB

Node, PHP, Swift

E-Commerce, CDN

Data: Machine Learning. AI. Image Recognition. Speech Recognition. Sentiment Analysis. Data Analysis.

If design is the skin of modern businesses, then information is the bones. Improving the page load time by 1 second for Walmart meant 1% increase in revenue, which translates to millions. In a similar manner, knowing your users & customers better and improving conversions can make or break even new products and e-commerce stores. That’s why we consider data analytics an integral part of modern business. There are many tools and softwares out there that utilize AI and machine learning, but the learning curve on them can be quite high. Which is why we offer consultation and implementation on the proper use of data.

Knowing how to use your data in a smart way, is key to a prospering business. On top of analyzing data, there are also the exciting new fields of AI and ML which offer tons of amazing features like voice recognition, natural language processing, speech recognition, sentiment analysis, text parsing, image recognition. These services can all be combined and integrated into apps to solve the business problems of today and tomorrow. If you would like to know what the current state of the technology can offer your business, don’t hesitate to consult our specialists.


Machine Learning

Image Recognition

Speech Recognition

Data Analysis

Digital Marketing: Content. Web & App Analytics. Copy Writing.

Digital marketing entails so much and there are so many ways to optimize your sales and marketing. How do you know which products and services are the right ones for you? Based on your budget, product, service or target market it can all vary, but the fundamentals never change. For one, having data and analytics is a must. Having no usage data on your platform or marketing efforts is essentially flying blind. That’s why we set you up with comprehensive analytics so that you can make well informed decisions about how you should spend your marketing budget.

From our own experience we know that managing social media and marketing tasks in general can be a time sink. They are necessary, yet they don’t feel like high value work, which is why we offer a variety of automation solutions for your business or product. With a little tech know how it’s amazing how much efficiency you can get. Go ahead, sit back and relax, let the bots do the work.


Social Media

App Analytics



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